Raising a Modern-Day Knight Product Video

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Raising a Modern-Day Knight Product Video

Product Video

Raising a Modern-Day Knight needed to tell the story of their mission and goals and explain how their app helps fathers connect with and encourage their sons. Contract Media concepted and created a video that shows the lifespan of a man and how his dad used the app throughout his life.

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The Challenge

The concept of Raising a Modern-Day Knight is difficult to explain to people who aren’t familiar with the app. It was important to highlight the benefits of the app while also communicating Raising a Modern-Day Knight’s commitment to encouraging meaningful growth and development of boys into men of integrity.

The Solution

Contract Media created a video focusing on the life story of one boy and followed him throughout various ages and seasons of his life. We showed how the app helped his father guide and direct him in making the right decisions, respecting others, and showing kindness toward loved ones. We also showed how the father-son relationship was strengthened through the use of the app’s prompts and suggestions. The video for the Raising a Modern-Day Knight app is an effective tool for showing others the value of the app using the power of storytelling.

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