Piercing Pagoda 2017 Social Media Campaign Videos

Social Content for a Jewelry Company

Piercing Pagoda 2017 Social Media Campaign Videos

Social Media

Piercing Pagoda needed some very short videos that highlighted their jewelry to use for social sharing via Instagram. Contract Media helped create several effective 8-15-second videos.

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The Challenge

Brands are always competing for clicks and views on Instagram and other social media networks. Because much of Piercing Pagoda’s target market can be reached via these venues, they wanted to post content that would clearly display their products to existing and potential customers in meaningful ways that grabbed their attention.

The Solution

Piercing Pagoda was already doing lifestyle photoshoots with Jesse Scofield Photography. In order to leverage the photo shoots to get the most out of them, video was captured at the same time. Contract Media edited several videos and added motion graphics animation that enhanced their branding. The videos highlight Piercing Pagoda’s jewelry and their brand’s vibe in a way that is perfect for social sharing. We were able to deliver high-quality, beautiful videos. The videos clearly show the jewelry and how it seamlessly integrates with an attractive lifestyle that appeals to Piercing Pagoda’s target market.

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