Orthofix Product Sizzle Video

A High-End Video for An Innovative New Product

Orthofix Product Sizzle Video

Product Sizzle

Orthofix needed to show off their groundbreaking physio medical device and needed a video company they could trust. Contract Media provided the video, earned their trust, and secured a long-term working partnership.

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The Challenge

Orthofix needed promotional material of exceptional quality for the PhysioStim bone healing therapy device. They had challenges with previous digital media studios and wanted to partner with a company that would meet their deadlines, stay on budget, and bring their idea to life.

The Solution

Making a video shouldn’t be a hassle. During our collaboration on this project, we designed the concept, visuals, and multiple rounds of storyboards necessary to provide the polished video with the production value Orthofix wanted and needed. We produced high-end renderings comparable to media for brands like Nike that resonate with Orthofix’s design style and innovation. Orthofix was finally able to connect with a digital media provider who really listened to them and worked to earn their trust.

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