Signature Sleep Mattress in a Box Video

A Great, Convenient Option for Urban Spaces

Signature Sleep Mattress in a Box Video

Product Video

Signature Sleep wanted to show a young couple buying and using one of their mattresses. They wanted to show how convenient is to purchase, pick up, and unbox. Contract Media created a video that fulfilled all of their needs.

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The Challenge

Signature Sleep’s mattresses are delivered or picked up in boxes a fraction of the size of their expanded mattress size. They needed a clear explanation for how convenient it can be to purchase and use a Signature Sleep mattress.

The Solution

Contract Media was able to show in a short video the convenience and cost savings of Signature Sleep’s mattress in a box. They were also able to communicate how easy it is to ship the mattress and how it can be picked up for additional savings. Using an engaging storyline, Contract Media successfully demonstrated that Signature Sleep’s mattress in a box is a great, comfortable, easy to procure option for those living in urban spaces.

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