Ignite Corporate Story Video

A B2B App Case Study

Ignite Corporate Story Video

Corporate Story

Ignite wanted to tell a specific story about a recent successful project for one of their clients. Contract Media worked with Ignite to create a corporate story video, so they could have an engaging way to show how they serve their clients and solve their clients’ problems.

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The Challenge

It can be difficult to grab the attention of existing and potential clients—even if the information you want to share might help them achieve their business goals. Ignite wanted to tell a story about a successful client project with Samsung that was worth telling. They knew the format would need to be clear and easily digestible so their audience would stay invested and connect their own story to Ignite and Samsung’s story. Ignite solved one of Samsung’s problems by designing and developing a new internal sales tool, and they hoped to show other clients that they can solve their problems, too.

The Solution

Contract Media worked with Ignite to produce a corporate story video for Ignite’s Samsung B2B app case study. In just two minutes, the video tells the story of a problem Samsung faced and how Ignite helped them solve that problem. Using video of Ignite team members and images of the app they designed for Samsung, we were able to convey Ignite’s unique approach to their client relationships. Ignite works hard to establish excellent rapport with their clients in order to have meaningful two-way dialogue. This focus on the client relationship and effective communication allowed Ignite to partner with Samsung to create an app for Samsung’s sales force that upheld the integrity of the Samsung brand while helping them better serve their clients. Ignite’s corporate story video clearly demonstrates they can effectively partner with other businesses to solve their problems, as well.

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