Electronics Company Camera Sizzle

In-Store Product Promotional Video

Electronics Company Camera Sizzle

Product Sizzle

This company needed to sell phones. They needed videos to play on devices in their carrier’s stores. The videos would play directly to customer at the store. Contract Media collaborated with Ignite Partnership to create a high end 3D product sizzle animation in order to show features and convert to sales on location.

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The Challenge

Selling phones is a competitive business. When your the best in the world at creating phones you need to LOOK the part.

This company had already done the groundwork on their esthetics for their multi-million dollar campaign. The look and style were set. They needed someone that could carry out the level of quality that this company delivers in it’s brand name.

The most critical zone in a retail environment is the presentation of the product, the screen of the device. On the counter for an on-screen walk thru. The device may be a great physical design, but the screen may be the company's (and the carrier’s) biggest opportunity to close the sale.

It’s not easy to find motion graphic companies that can create animations that look the level quality of this company.

The Solution

Ignite partnership turned to Contract Media to carry out the level of 3D renderings and motion graphics required for devices that would be in front of the customers in the store they would be purchasing from.

Matching the production level of the nationally aired television spots, Contract Media created the 3D animations, rendering, and motion graphics for the videos that converted to an extremely successful in-store presentation.

As one of the largest companies in the world, they must rely on the best help to present their product. Contract Media must have helped some, because this is one of many projects we were able to serve them with.

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