Electronic Device Company Quick Tips Video

A Series of Engaging Videos for New Phone Features

Electronic Device Company Quick Tips Video


This company needed an engaging and quick way to introduce functions on their new phone. Contract Media partnered with Ignite Partnership to help deliver a beautiful and straightforward video solution so their customers could have a better phone experience.

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The Challenge

Because it’s easy to get bogged down by information overload, this company wanted to present the features of their new phone in a fresh, relevant format that caught and maintained their customers’ attention.  

It was important to maintain the high production value of this company's marketing while keeping the budget reasonable.

The Solution

We addressed the company's challenge by providing simple and beautiful video animation. Each brief feature video presented an image of the phone along with concise instructions for the specific features highlighted in that video. Because we helped deliver an attractive and accessible video solution in line with the company's high level of quality, they were able to offer their customers helpful information in an easily-consumable video format that left a lasting impression.

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