Autumn Leaves Corporate Story Video

Sharing “The Autumn Leaves Way”

Autumn Leaves Corporate Story Video

Corporate Story

Autumn Leaves, a dementia care residential facility, needed a way to communicate their unique approach to providing dementia care to people who are considering long-term care options for their loved ones. Contract Media worked with Autumn Leaves to create a 17-minute video that shares “The Autumn Leaves Way” of providing care.

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The Challenge

Making the decision to move a loved one into a long-term dementia care facility is enormously difficult. Autumn Leaves wanted to offer an easy entry into the conversation for those considering Autumn Leaves to be their dementia care provider. They also wanted to make sure their compassionate caregiving methods were communicated in meaningful ways while also answering many of the questions potential residents’ families might have.

The Solution

Contract Media worked with Autumn Leaves to tell the story of what they do and how they do it. Using personal testimonies from Autumn Leaves staff, nurses, food service providers, residents’ family members, and more; we were able to clearly communicate the special value Autumn Leaves offers those who are seeking a dementia care residential facility for their loved ones. The video we created shows viewers that those who come to Autumn Leaves are not just Autumn Leaves residents. They are also members of the Autumn Leaves family.

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