Arrow Digital Explainer Video

A Convention Sponsorship Keynote Commercial

Arrow Digital Explainer Video

Explainer Video

Arrow Digital needed a two-minute commercial that would play before keynote talks at an event they were sponsoring. Contract Media worked with them to create a video that effectively conveyed their services and value to convention attendees.

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The Challenge

How can you make sure you don’t squander a great opportunity? Arrow Digital had a chance to make a lasting impression and wanted to do everything possible to take advantage of it. Because they were one of the premier sponsors for a large convention, they could provide a commercial to play before the event’s keynote talks. They wanted to convey what they do and how they do it in a simple format that would generate interest and potential new business from convention attendees.

The Solution

Contract Media worked with WeTalk Branding and Arrow Digital to communicate their message with clarity and simplicity. In two minutes, viewers learned Arrow makes smart websites that produce higher levels of engagement for brands’ users and customers. With their explainer video, Arrow was able to take advantage of their opportunity for greater exposure, spread their message to members of their target audience at the convention, and generate leads for potential new business.

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