Frequently Asked Questions

What does working with Digital Media Collab look like?

We care first and foremost about your client. We need to understand their wants and desires and how we can help them have a better life by using your product or service so that they see the value that you provide. 
We work in an iterative process that keeps us aligned. It’s important for us to get the most value out of our time working together.

We start our process by discussing the message and goals with you and at this stage, we determine if you will provide the script or if we’ll need to write it. Once we have the script we move on to creating the mood board that showcases the style of the video for you to approve. Then, we flesh out the video into storyboards so that everyone can see exactly how the video will flow. Once we finalize the design of the video we create a test animation for you to review before moving onto full animation. As you can see, we like to remain high-touch to ensure you get a video that you absolutely love.

Of course, no animated video is complete without great audio, including a voiceover that conveys the right tone. Whether you have someone in-house that you’d like to use for this or need to find a voiceover artist, we’ll support you every step of the way to make sure you get the perfect voice for your video. When it comes to music, we can provide you with music options or you’re free to provide your own. We like to remain flexible with our process and allow our clients to provide as many or as few of the assets required as they like.

Does DMC provide the script for the video?

We certainly can! Many of our competitors insist upon writing scripts for their videos, but we’ve found that quite a few of our clients like to have their in-house copywriters write the video script. If you’d like us to write the script for you, we’ll start by working with you to determine what the message of the video will be. Once we understand exactly what message you’re trying to convey, we can write the script for you and provide it to you so you can give feedback and request changes to get it just right.

Once you have made the video who owns the rights to it?

You do. Once we have made and presented you with the video it is your property to use as you please.

Can we make revisions to the video you have made?

We know that copy changes and products change. Ideally, we would love to do those revisions for you, but we will never get in the way if you want to make changes without us.

Who provides the music used in the videos? Can we provide our own?

We like to keep our clients involved in the process, so we generally provide a few music options for you to choose from or, if preferred, you can provide the music as long as there is proper permission to use it.

If you provide the music is it royalty-free?

Totally! We source music through several sources, all of which have a great selection of royalty-free music to use. Our go-to sources are very affordable. If by chance we need to go with a licensed track, we will let you know the difference in cost.

What does it cost to get a video made by DMC?

The cost varies greatly depending on multiple factors such as the length of the video, the complexity of the design and animation, whether or not you are providing your own script, music, and your own voiceover. Also, shoots can vary depending on the scale of gear/crew needed, and whether we are shooting locally or not. The typical video project ranges from $7,000-$15,000, but can quickly go to $50,000+ depending on special requests. 

Whether you need a case study video, a corporate story video, a product explainer video, or something else entirely, we’ll work closely with you to create a video that will make your brand stand out and help you achieve your marketing goals.

What makes a successful collaboration with DMC?

The single most important factor in having a successful collaboration is to have open lines of communication in which each holds up their end of the schedule we create. Our video creation process is highly collaborative and we need your input to create the best possible video for your company.

How long does the video creation process take from start to finish?

We don’t have a set production schedule because every project is different. That being said, most of our video projects operate on a 6-week production schedule which does not include the time required to collect feedback and make revisions. A full timeline may range from 8-12 weeks.
Of course, we can always make deadlines happen faster, and we often do, but it needs to make sense for both of us.

When we start fleshing out a project with you and learn exactly what is needed, we are able to provide a more specific schedule with deadlines. There are a lot of moving parts to creating a video and the 6-week production schedule assumes open lines of communication so that we can get feedback and edits in order to meet the deadlines we set together.

What is the size of your team? Are they internal/external?

You might guess from our name that we like to collaborate. Most likely, if we are working together you will have one single point of contact—David Womack. But behind the scenes, we are working with several talented individuals that are are experts in their craft. 

We carefully handpick our team and we’ve worked with most of them for close to a decade.

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